• Ah Pek's Nanyin

    (2014) - Nanyin is a style of ancient classical music from Fujian province in China. It is typically slow, gentle, delicate and melodic. This piece is an adaptation for piano of a nanyin melody. Recorded at Xiamen Piano Festival, Fujian. Pianist: Venera Bojkova
  • A Heaven Full of Stars

    (2014) - a contemporary setting of a text adapted from a poem by Sarah Teasdale. Sung by the Weardale Choir
  • The Sky Was

    (2015) - an experimental setting of e e cummings 'The Sky Was' (SATB)
  • Fader Ure

    (2013) - a setting of the Lord's Prayer in Northumbrian early English from the Lindisfarne Gospels (SATB)
  • Magnificat

    (2012) - a setting of the Song of Mary originally composed for the Bonny Moorhen, a Jack Drum Arts production, but subsequently widely performed (SATB)
  • The Two Presidents

    (2012) - A one act satirical opera on the banking crisis. Soprano tenor and baritone, string trio, piano and percussion.
  • Monsieur Ibert's Sunday Walk

    (2011) - An encore piece for the piano duo Va i Ve - Video.
  • Six Axmatova Songs

    (2011) - Settings of six poems by the Russian poet Anna Axmatova for mezzo-soprano and piano (in English - see translation) and He Loved Three Things...
  • The Patriarch and the Painter

    (2007) - an oratorio for brass band, children and adult choirs, soloists, instrumental ensemble and cobla musicians. The story of how the paintings of Jacob and his sons by the 16th centry artist, Francisco de Zurbaran, came to be in Auckland Castle, Bishop Auckland. Performed in Auckland Castle March 2007 and Durham Cathedral, March 2011.*
    See the score of the opening Procession, Paint an Old Man and the Finale
  • I - X (2010)

    - 10 piano preludes exploring the characteristics of ten different time signatures.
  • Baboushka (2008 and 2010) - a 30 minute staged musical for adults and childrens choirs, brass band and soloists.Book:- Duncan Brown, Suzy Galbraith and David Napthine This toy's for you and Finale
  • The Happy Hour

    (2009) - a A retelling of John Gay's ' The Beggar's Opera' for young people with a libretto set in County Durham devised by the cast and David napthine. Performed at Spennymoor Settlement Theatre   
    See the score , and listen to the finale
  • Toscatorio

    (2008) - for Opera in the Dale, a commission to create an adaptation of the story of Tosca for young people. Libretto devised by Barnard Castle Youth Theatre Group and David Napthine. Performed by the Youth Theatre Group and children from local primary schools   
    See the score
  • Othello

    (2008) - a synthesised score. Listen to an underscore   
  • The Lost Legion of the Ninth

    (2008) - a songcycle for children on the story of the Roman Ninth Legion which acccording to legend disappeared in the north of England. For children, Roman battle trumpet and two adult soloists. Two songs for children - The Blackbird and If we gave them all a present each (maybe they'd go back to Rome)

  • Libretto unless otherwise stated by David Napthine


  • Dance to Your Daddy and Bonny at Morn

    (Performed by the Somov Trio; Lucy Jeal- Violin, Sasho Somov - 'Cello, Venera Bojkova - Piano)
  • The Village Soothsayer

    - A modern performance edition in English of Jean Jacques Rousseau's opera, Le Devin du Village. Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, string trio and continuo.

  • El Mariner

    - Traditional Catalan Song arranged for woodwind quintet.

  • Astor Piazzolla

    Triunfal - for piano duet. See the Score
    Tangolibre - for piano duet and piano trio
    Jacinto Chiclana - for two pianos.(Performed by Valentina Seferinova and Venera Bojkova)